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New for Summer 2022

 Wildwood Wellbeing Walks

The extraordinary experiences of the Pandemic have made many of us realise just how precious nature is to us. The enforced quietness of our world during Lock-Downs gave nature a much needed opportunity to thrive, and many people trapped at home and in stressful situations were  awakened to the mental and physical well-being that the nature on their doorstep gives. If you are one of those people who has rekindled your friendship with nature then I would love to help you take the next step...


 To this end I am now offering specially designed guided Wildwood Wellbeing Walks on the North Downs for small groups of friends, family or work colleagues. 


The day's walk is crafted to the unique interests of your group...but each journey offers a precious chance

to spend time in nature, to tune into the world of the woods, to discover how our ancestors have interacted with the flora and fauna of the Wildwoods for thousands of years, and to celebrate our interdependence with the natural world...all in a safe and nurturing environment. 

To discuss your Forest Journey please email me at or call 07768731958 for a chat.

Location : North Downs 60 minutes drive from central London

Price : £190 per day for a group of 3 to 6

£120 for individuals and couples



Horses and Aurochs from Chauvet.jpg
Oak galls.jpg
Horse Chestnut leaf.jpg
Red Deer antler held.jpg
Knepp path.jpg
Large Flint nodule.jpg
Hawthorn blossom hedge.jpg
Plantain close.jpg
Reaindeer skin.jpg
Wild Garlic.jpg
Fire sparks.png
Bison carving.jpg
Brethill Birches.JPG
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